Music Monday

Truth Hurts- Lizzo Crowbar- Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Lucky Penny- JD McPherson Papaoutai- Stromae 2021- Vampire Weekend

Get in touch with your feelings!

Are you a person who cries really easily? Maybe you are happy easily, and sad easily... and there is no inbetween... Maybe you are a person who claims not to feel or claims to have trouble with connection to your emotions, or to others by default. Emotional intelligence is something employers want, something important,and I … Continue reading Get in touch with your feelings!

South Africa it ain’t just penguins!

The people are hot! Favorite city: Cape Town Food: Not my favorite part... although I did enjoy getting cheap fake Chinese food. I loved the twists on American favs... such as the "Ferrero Rocher Milk Shake", the "Kit Kat Crusher" from KFC. Favorite restaurants: Woolworth's Grocery Store, Codfather, Narona, everything on Long Street, Royale Eatery, … Continue reading South Africa it ain’t just penguins!