Lazily Motivated

Do you feel your life is somewhat successful? Maybe you are in a decent place... perhaps above average, a normal weight, a decent salary... Maybe you have a few really successful projects under your portfolio? Maybe you even have an amazing opportunity, spouse, salary, that other people would look at you and see success... But … Continue reading Lazily Motivated


Less is more

Courtesy of Charmin Ultra Does anyone remember that commercial? Less is more... I find that we try to be over productive as people. We try to squeeze in more than we can and it messes with time management because we burn out. When I was a student... I always felt I could do more because … Continue reading Less is more

Get in touch with your feelings!

Are you a person who cries really easily? Maybe you are happy easily, and sad easily... and there is no inbetween... Maybe you are a person who claims not to feel or claims to have trouble with connection to your emotions, or to others by default. Emotional intelligence is something employers want, something important,and I … Continue reading Get in touch with your feelings!