Forgive and Forget is it attainable?

Many other cultures do not involve much feeling sharing. It is tough when someone does something that frustrates you but people just right it off. What about those who mean the most to you? Can you hurt them but not on purpose? God says all is forgiven but do people agree? Steps to forgiveness: Acknowledging … Continue reading Forgive and Forget is it attainable?


Lazily Motivated

Do you feel your life is somewhat successful? Maybe you are in a decent place... perhaps above average, a normal weight, a decent salary... Maybe you have a few really successful projects under your portfolio? Maybe you even have an amazing opportunity, spouse, salary, that other people would look at you and see success... But … Continue reading Lazily Motivated

Get in touch with your feelings!

Are you a person who cries really easily? Maybe you are happy easily, and sad easily... and there is no inbetween... Maybe you are a person who claims not to feel or claims to have trouble with connection to your emotions, or to others by default. Emotional intelligence is something employers want, something important,and I … Continue reading Get in touch with your feelings!