Ramadan as a nonmuslim

Hello sorry for taking so long to write. Many peace corps volunteers go through this and can relate to what I experience… if they are in a primarily Muslim community during Ramadan. I probably hit a record or at least the maximum number of people I could see. I tried 30 different fitoors and one 3(e)id meal. Fitoor means the breaking of the fast or breakfast at night. I ate all over Moroccan and saw different traditions and different spreads of food.

Fitoor basics 101


Pizza or Morrocan Pizza (khbzz 3mmer)

Hard boiled Eggs






something that resembled a softer version of english muffins


other Moroccan breads such as miliwe, bghrir (excuse my spelling)

other cakes, deserts, that nutella like chocolate sauce,

What I thought of the experience?

It is a bit like Christmas with a lot of prayer, worship, gathering of families, and a lot of eating (don’t be fooled after the sun people eat A LOT). I really learned a lot of how hard it was somedays I just did a food fast other days I did a food and water fast. The most incredible thing is that people continue to work. I still saw the men at the construction site, or the teachers teaching on an empty stomach. One thing that seems a little wild is the cigarette aspect.

I saw men hunched over at the cafe waiting till 730 BEYOND READY for that cigarette. It would be a good time to quit or just go crazy.

At the end I went back to eating and it is easy to forget what I learned. No matter if you are muslim or not… you can give to those in needs, share a meal, remember those who are less fortunate than you, learn deep gratification, discipline, and focus.

Fitoor with strangers at the bus stop

When the whole neighbor sees your back in your old stomping grounds

Fitoor in Rabat

Thank you for letting me participate in Ramadan to all the Moroccans I met. I love you all!!


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