3 types of peace corps volunteers

There are 2 types of peace corps volunteers. There are those who say it is ONLY 2 years and there are those that say IT IS 2 YEARS!!! Then there are those that have some trust fund, crazy amount of saved up money, rich parents.

Group 1 ( It is ONLY 2 years)

Group 2 (It is 2 years)

Group 3 (Daddy’s Peace Corps Girl)

I don’t need a refrigerator. I just won’t buy things that need to be cold.

A refrigerator is pretty expensive but I think it is worth it for cold water, fresh meat, and keeping things at an FDA approved standard of edibleness.

I will buy a refrigerator and a refrigerator for the air AKA an air conditioning unit

I don’t need a mattress. I have a sleeping bag.

I will buy a mattress I don’t want to have life long back problems.

I will buy a mattress, box spring, and frame. It will be 3rd world temperpedic! I will donate it to a starving African child afterwards.

You want to go to the capital? I only have 2000 U.S. dollars. I am saving that for my death.

We could probably get this reimbursed by medical.

The capital of what country?

I don’t see how people spent their whole settling in allowance.

I don’t feel quite settled in.

Free money!

I don’t need to buy a bucket to wash my clothes. I will just wash them in the river.

I could probably realistically afford a washing machine or use one of my neighbors and just buy my own soap.

Where can I buy a washer and a dryer?

I want to live like the local people!

Local people have everything you are living without. You will never be like local people because you have an American passport.

I want to hire a local person to clean my house.

It is only 2 years. I can live without wifi.

It is 20 U.S. dollars and absolutely worth every local currency cent.

It is only 2000 US dollars I can afford a new laptop.

This phone is a nokia and it still serves me well.

Google maps is pretty important. I think I will get some type of smart phone.

Can the newest iphone be shipped to my hut?


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