Forgive and Forget is it attainable?

Many other cultures do not involve much feeling sharing. It is tough when someone does something that frustrates you but people just right it off. What about those who mean the most to you? Can you hurt them but not on purpose?

God says all is forgiven but do people agree?

Steps to forgiveness:

  1. Acknowledging your feelings
  2. Think how you are better from what they did… imagine someone ended you up in prison for something they did, or they killed your son, or something so hard to forgive… It is not for them though it is for your own peace and for your humility, sanity, and so much more
  3. Decide what type of forgiveness is warranted

Forgiveness without any visible actions…

Sometimes it can be so hard to forgive someone so you need to practice forgiveness without words. It can help to cut them completely out of your life… going off social media, moving away, switching jobs. Taking sometime to heal yourself.

Forgiveness with having to live with what that person has done in close proximity

What if you are on the receiving side? What if you are the one who is deeply in the wrong… but because of this you lash out? You lash out of fear for what you have done wrong. You worry can they be right or are you both wrong? Is your past forgivable?

Your past mistakes are irreversible and sorry won’t change this… but time can hopefully along with better and different mistakes in the future.

Your future is in your power to prove to be the person someone else wants you to be.

Now imagine you are on the forgiving side and are reading this. Can you imagine how horrible they felt and how someone else has maybe forgiven you for something?

Is there a difference between forgiveness and forgetting?

This question has been asked for centuries?

Personally I think they are one in the same. Realistically you will forget things from a biological perspective. Hopefully the person who won’t forget is the person who did something wrong. Forgiveness though does not necessarily mean forgetting or excusing the behavior… it does involve asking for grace and eventually letting that person breathe and thrive in your life in happy harmony. Or cutting them loose if necessary.


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