I am so afraid

Writing is one of my main therapies... if I don't write stuff down I worry that my heart will pound so fast it will whirl out of my chest. I just keep praying to God that the love of my life won't forget me. As I have mentioned before I need to give him space … Continue reading I am so afraid


Dead dog on the racetrack

I walked that track behind the house of youth in Eastern Morocco. I would walk it because it had nice scenery and no one lived there. Because no one lived there I could be alone with out interruptions of tea. One day I was no longer alone. A secret lurked with me and so did … Continue reading Dead dog on the racetrack


How many signs from God do you need before you start taking action? How can you tell if it is from yourself or from somewhere else? It is easier to let someone else take control of your bad decisions. How do you separate ownership from higher beings, other people's actions, and your psychological development as … Continue reading God