Lazily Motivated

Do you feel your life is somewhat successful? Maybe you are in a decent place… perhaps above average, a normal weight, a decent salary… Maybe you have a few really successful projects under your portfolio? Maybe you even have an amazing opportunity, spouse, salary, that other people would look at you and see success…

But are you living up to your potential or are you a cruiser?

Inconsistent Motivation Performance Chart

This chart is from a website called “Performwell”… and it has a great article about inconsistent motivation.

One take away is that maybe you are not a “star performer” because you are afraid to fail. Perhaps you go to the gym regularly enough that your body is in decent shape, your health is there, perhaps you are medically safe and maybe other people would look at you and say she/he has got it together.

That outward appearance of motivation to others checks some of the boxes in your brain… sometimes you think I am successful in something. However when you are alone and you take your clothes off… maybe you notice where your cruising has really gotten you… Perhaps you are good enough for others

but are you good enough for yourself?

Does your motivation work enough to give you outward acceptance, but not give you the results you want on the days you mess up. Maybe once in a while it is okay to pig out and have sweets or have something unhealthy… but you are doing it maybe once a week not once a month or three times a week.

Not only is your motivation inconsistent… it is not your own standard. Instead it is a standard that society places on you. It isn’t that you are actively afraid of failing you think that it is not possible to fail with the parameters others have set upon you.

Focus on thinking about how you can fail. If you exercise regularly but don’t have abs… maybe try something that is almost impossible for certain body types to even achieve. If it is at work and you have a good salary how can you be satisfied with you in other ways?

You need to ask the hard questions.

Do you meet other’s standards of beauty, motivation? Do you have successes often, but not as much as you like?

Again let us also touch on feelings… Are you in tune with how you are feeling when you are truly motivated versus when you appear like you have your life together but eat a whole cake in your house, cry it out, and skip your workout?

One day society won’t be enough to keep you on this wired path.

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