Packing List Peace Corps Morocco

This list is to give future Peace Corps volunteers an idea of what to bring. I am making it specific to Morocco, but many of the items can be applied globally for sure. If you have any questions please let me know. Happy to talk about the process of getting ready to begin your service.

As far as bags goes this is IMPORTANT.
Small zip up purse with strap:
First you want a good small purse or sac that you can zip up. I have this really boring black one I use, and I keep some diarrhea medicine in there, bandaids, toilet paper, some coins for the local city bus. It is great because something with a strap is less of a security/theft issue.
Small backback:
I use this almost every day and keep my study materials, water bottles and small first aid kit along with hand sanitizer.
Hiking backpack:
Great for weekend trips and also for walking back with your groceries I personally brought this and one suitcase I didn’t bring much.
Roller suitcase:
It is gonna be moved around a lot so you don’t wanna do duffle.

zipblock bags:

They have them here but not the nice ones… I brought them and use them for many things besides food storage, or taking food to go from PC events during trainings.

I went pretty basic; some people suggest bringing cute shoes or heels, but in the rare occasion I even go somewhere interesting I just wear my sandalsโ€ฆ #sandalsattheclub

Sneakers (if you like playing sports )
Good walking sandals (i.e. chacos)
Shower flip flops (mine eventually broke and I ended up getting another pair here)
I brought a nice pair of professional shoes that I were occasionally when i am putting on a special event at my place work

hiking boots!!! I wear them in the winter and when I hike and all the time…

Depending on where you are it may never rain or be cold but I wouldn’t risk it. There is not heat in your house so why suffer?

Rain jacket
Zip up fall like jacket
Fluffy sweater

Light cardigan
Ski jacket
I actually brought my jackets onto the plane to not take up space in my suitcase.

the winter is sadness and the sun is brutally hotโ€ฆ again why suffer?
Baseball cap even if you are not a fan of hatsโ€ฆ bring one
2 pairs Gloves fingerless and regular. your house will be cold, your place of work will be cold.
Winter scarf
Sunglasses 2 pairs
Your favorite jewelry,1 necklace 1 bracelet

bandanas they have a lot of usage!!


3 short sleeve teeshirts

4 long sleeve basic shirts

1 sports material shirt I wear under everything

A favorite shirt

3-5 button up/professional shirts to wear, especially during staging

A cute shirt

1 flannel


1 pair of hiking pants

2 pairs of jeans, 1 blue, 1 black

leggings (really cannot go to small on the number of leggings to bring)

3-4 pairs of professional pants

sweat pants

a pair of thick tights i put under my pants when it is cold



underwear- 10

bras 3 sports, 2 regular


1 cami

bathing suit


laptop… absolutely bring your laptop. I feel sad for the 2 or 3 people who didn’t bring one.

phone charger ( bring 2)

headphones (bring 3)

battery pack

external hardrive… personally I did not bring one and I do not miss it or regret it I have wifi and plenty to do at my site besides sit and watch things alone.



duct tape

pocket knife

metal water bottle

your favorite game/activity

nail polish

chap stick

solar power light

one of those quick dry towels from REI

luggage locks

candles, favorite moisturizer, face mask self care items

printed pictures to show your host families

THINGS I HAVE NEVER SEEN IN MOROCCO / would recommend bringing

hair ties/bobby pins

hair brush/ comb

shampoo conditioner/ hair products… they have this stuff but they really are just not as good… my Moroccan brush snapped in half and the shampoo leaves my head feeling gunky… IF YOU HAVE THICK UNTAMEABLE HAIR THEN DEF BRING STUFF FOR YOUR HAIR

secret deodorant… deodorant is expensive i brought enough to last me and I feel clean and deodorized each day

lice comb… many kids have lice here and many volunteers get lice… you can avoid this by periodically checking with a nice metal lice comb

ranch dressing, root beer, reeces candy, candy corn, seasme chicken

TAMPONS TAMPONS TAMPONS!! If you plan on having your period BRING.


towels (don’t bring a lot)

sheets (people say bring sheets because the threadcount isn’t decent… I really don’t know what rich people are talking about. I bought a top sheet here at marjane and another sheet I use as a curtain because it was cheaper than getting curtains.

they do sell sleeping bags here but that can be an expensive item… I slept in my sleeping bag because it was warmer than my blankets.

blankets housing supplies

scarves ( I use those for curtains too)

Christmas lights, fans, cute decor, they have that here it is expensive you have to be picky in your decor.. they even sell Christmas trees so i mean you are good on that end


UNO this game is whack and so popular here

a special unique food

a type of tea found in your hometown/area

bring lots of games/ coloring books/ anything from your childhood you wanted to get rid of

I was going to get my host family one thing but I ended up eating it so make sure you get back up gifts… for two families… Account for lots of children/ other people you will want to give gifts later. One thing I have is a bunch of little American flags I give to other people.

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