Less is more

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Does anyone remember that commercial? Less is more…

I find that we try to be over productive as people. We try to squeeze in more than we can and it messes with time management because we burn out. When I was a student… I always felt I could do more because we are trained to fill our weekend with studying. You can always study more. Everyone would say at my University… I hate tests because the studying never ends versus papers or worksheets… even still papers could always be improved.

In life we can always improve, strive for something greater, but we are not given the same time limits we are in school. Now that I am out of school, I think about what it is like to have a weekend, and to have more time to do what you love. I am still learning. Currently I am learning Arabic. I am still working, still doing things, but my life has slowed down a little bit… and I kinda love it.

I decided not to go back to school after I graduated… and I may never do a masters/law program EVER (don’t tell my mother).

By doing less I mean you need to remember time for yourself in this life… away from work away from things we don’t want to do. Diving into the guilty pleasure of strolling around with no purpose is underrated.

I encourage you to all practice doing less because by this you will be more productive in the hardest things. Now the things you love do more. Don’t be afraid to let go of control and let the day take you instead of filling the day. For example with the things you have to get done. think of what you want to accomplish… say it is 3 or 4 big things… make it 2 make it 3 drop down one. Be realistic with your time, your body. When my friends were in college we would stack our schedule with 5 minutes to get to our classes and to our internships… we said we have time… but we didn’t account for meals, for seeing a friend, for feeling sad, for anything human. We are not computers in that sense. We need breaks.

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And for those who are still in school. It gets better I promise. Life is sweeter every day.

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