The last time

The last time I saw different people in my life before I moved to a new country or left another country.

The last time I saw you it was dark outside but it was not night… I always loved to come to the airport early. I got my bag fee waived because I looked desperate. You were thinking about how to work what’s app. Your sister had just died. I waived good bye from the airport security line.

The last time I saw you…You just got a drivers license and your driving was a little sub par. The night before we had hit the casino and I wanted to take more money out at the ATM, but you stopped me. I got a free donut and lost everything. You took me to the airport and were crying. My plane got delayed so I wallowed in sadness longer. I never saw you again. It has been 4 years.

The last time I saw you…Talk about a double dip. You both left together and of course one of you left your towel behind. You would always leave something behind in my apartment. Except this time we no longer had apartments. We were in Serbia in a room with 6 other strangers around the world. You both tried to wake me up to say good bye, but I was grumpy and didn’t realize that my best friends were leaving and we all were parting to live in other countries. I can’t believe the last place I saw you was in Belgrade. I can’t believe we all live on separate continents.

We made it our palace… it was an overpriced apartment in the heart of Washington D.C. I thought I had said good bye to it when I moved out, but I had to return because I was poor and needed to bother the current tenant one more time. I close my eyes and see a million things when I think of you. However the last time I saw you…You were wearing a name card and a blue tank top. I loved that you had your name tag like you still were on the clock. You are just such an intelligent and wonderful person. I took your metro card to go get my teeth pulled out. I never got to return it in person. I left it with him.

The last time I saw you…It was hot day. Now what day isn’t hot there… You showed up in my driveway. I don’t remember much in particular because the day just seemed so usual. Who knew I wouldn’t get to see you again. I am glad I got to help you move in to one more place with roommates that were weird. You deserved better you deserved me.

I dropped you off at the bus stop. You had to board… and it didn’t leave yet. It was labor day weekend. I started eating a cold cheeseburger in the driver seat of the car. I wanted to steal one more glimpse of the bus you sat on. I thought they would take you away forever. I didn’t get another gimps because when I turned away the bus had pulled off. Such a silent get away. I didn’t even hear a thing.

However that was not the last time I saw you, but it was a painful good bye it felt like the last real time I saw you since my life flipped upside down. The last time I saw you… I was in Morocco and I really need to see you again.


2 thoughts on “The last time

  1. So powerful. I can relate in so many ways. The people you meet as you travel through life, and the ones you wish you could see every day. Reminiscing, regretting, wondering where life has taken them. I can remember the last time I saw someone I love. I pulled out of her driveway on a dark summer night, wishing I just had more time with her before she left the country for two years. I was heartbroken on that seemingly eternal two hour drive home in my car alone. The next day I left for college. My life had seemingly flipped upside as well. It was the worse thing I’d have ever experienced. I felt the same way when I helped her move out of her apartment. It felt as if the best memories of my life were being left in an empty room.

    I’ve seen her a few times since, and I every time I do I can’t wait for the next time I see her.

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