What happened when I deleted my social media?

Everyone has different ideas of what this means, but for me this was deleting my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

1. You FORGET information about people and you even forget people’s names. I truly have forgotten many people’s names that went to my high school, that I did some program with, or knew for some reason. (Perhaps this is also coming with older age.) But all in all, I think it is because of a lack of social media where their names were previously constantly blasted in my face through the vessel of the telephone or computer. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I suppose it will be counted as good.

In sociology there exists social networks and one of them is social media and its understood rules and norms. Did you really forget to say happy birthday to me; why didn’t you like my picture; why won’t you accept my friend request? Now this social network is missing and I have filled it with more meaningful and smaller social networks.
2. When I was in university I read a book by Jaron Lanier called the Future Economy. That shook me up quite a bit… He states in his new book about social media that you lose a part of your soul, you are changed a bit due to the algorithmic nature of the advertisements you are seeing in order to use these social media webs. However I can really see how it changes people into narcissistic or at the very least…”clicker people pleasers.” People’s likes are not even genuine as many people ask people to like their photos, buy likes or something else. Perhaps at least using it in moderation could be better. You need to find out what is IMPORTANT; are you writing for yourself or for someone else?
3. I miss social media from time to time and wonder what some of my friends are up to… but if they do not bother to tell me in person then WHY should I miss that. I especially miss the embarrassing stuff people put on their snap stories like seriously you… you put this on Snapchat? What is wrong with you? The anonymity that online offers while at the same time the mass production of brief fame is an very interesting social phenomenon. Alas I plan on never going back. (I say that now).
4. nothing really big… could anyone be so narcissistic to think something crazy would happen…? no one misses me that much. No one has created a pyre in my honor… yet and people forget about me. Out of the thousands who seemed so interested in being my friend turns out I am worthless to most and by eliminating social media you remember how unveryhuggeee you are.

Also did I truly delete social media if I still have a Linkedin, What’s App, a WordPress? Everyone has to find their lines. Social media can be a powerfully helpful tool. You need to not let it control you though and it takes a lot of patience and conscious thought to not

compare yourself to others

spend too much time on your computer

focus on vanity

be sucked into advertising

hate your boyfriends new girl friend.

We are only human after all?


You come closer to knowing the you before the computer changed you. You have more time for other activities. You grow to appreciate who would really be there for you.


One thought on “What happened when I deleted my social media?

  1. Such wise words and truth in this post! I definitely agree that social media changes us in so many ways. I have experienced this personally with instagram and facebook. I quickly began to realize how much it was changing the way I viewed myself and those around me. I value my close friends and family more than the internet friends I barely knew. Very true what you said about forgetting information about people, I forget where people go to school now!


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