South Africa it ain’t just penguins!

The people are hot!

Favorite city: Cape Town
Food: Not my favorite part… although I did enjoy getting cheap fake Chinese food.
I loved the twists on American favs… such as the “Ferrero Rocher Milk Shake”, the “Kit Kat Crusher” from KFC.
Favorite restaurants: Woolworth’s Grocery Store, Codfather, Narona, everything on Long Street, Royale Eatery, Sticky BBQ, Cocowawa, GOLD Restaurant, the Potluck Club, Mzanzi, Ngwenya’s place

Activities I recommend: going swimming (but be careful lot’s of sharks), go to thrift stores, drink a lot on long street, go on a moonlight hike to Lion’s Head ( I don’t recommend because apparently people don’t go on the mountain in small groups at night)

the uber driver thought we were trying to rob him!!!!

go to KFC and get a kit kat crusher… it is a truly unique KFC experience
walk around the V&A waterfront and eat all the FREE samples and don’t buy their overpriced stuff
and instead buy souvenirs in the townships

and DON’T take “township tours” that is super weird and disrespectful to serious problems around historical segregation and you are turning places people live into a spectacle of “African living”.

eat meat at or near Mzoli restaurant
hike everything

visit Robben Island and learn about the history and present segregation
boulders beach/ Simon’s town esp. if you like penguins and I DO!

cape of good hope… did someone say that scene in the film “2012”????


finally… see the stars and I am not talking about Trevor Noah!!!

by far the fanciest photo I ever took

Although you may actually meet some stars….

Band recommendation: Desmond and the Tutus

That is all for now bye bye from South Africa!


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